We are living in an age when it's difficult to perceive the truth about ourselves and existence. The modern lifestyle and technology innovations and materialistic outlook towards life have taken us far away from our true identity.

The modern landscape of living today leads us into competition, money-making, adopting unhealthy lifestyle, emotional disturbances and living in disharmony with nature. We go through different stages of life from childhood to old age but in this modern framework of life, we hardly get any scope to be close to the nature and the universal truth that is the basis of our existence.


Instead of hearing the sounds of nature like the chirping of birds, or the blowing of the wind, or the sound of water flowing in rivers or seas, we get to hear the buzzing of mobile phones or laptops or other gadgets. The high-tech modern living spaces equip us with the best of amenities and comfortable interiors and furnishings, but deprive us of natural beauty and not being in rhythm with the cosmic energy dance. Moreover, the new-age life has made us forget the innate human nature which we are born with. We ignore the welfare and betterment of our human kind and think only about our personal interests. Swayed by our unguided desires and aspirations, we focus only on "me and my family” rather than "me, my family and society".

As a result, people face numerous challenges and obstacles across different stages of life like Education, Career, Marriage & Relationships, Business and Health.

I also faced this question about life and the truth about our existence at a critical juncture of my life. Two incidents made me think deeper on this. One was when I visited a hospital and saw the pain of children suffering from cancer and the other was when I suffered financial losses on being cheated by someone. I got some significant dreams and received divine light that made me realize that there is one unifying life force that keeps us and everything in the universe going. This universal life force known as cosmic energy is the essence of our sustainability and well-being. All our miseries and problems arise as a result of our not being in tune with this cosmic energy.

With my intuition and research, I have laid down a simple path to harness the infinite power of the cosmos, and called it Saral Energy. With this unique technique you can instantly be in tune with the cosmic energy, by connecting with it through directions, balancing with it through structures and channelizing it through chakras. When we are in tune with the universal life force we can enhance our consciousness further by following the Saral Sutras (SS) of being truthful, respectful, grateful, helpful and blissful. In this way we can enable ourselves to perceive the truth about our self and that of the universe called as Saral Satya Swarup (SSS).

By adopting Saral Energy and Saral Sutras you will be able to realize your True Form or Saral Satya Swarup and enhance your capabilities to achieve happiness and bliss across different stages of your life.

From our very childhood, we all go through some or the other obstacles across various life stages until we reach our old age. The life stages we come across include that of Education, Career, Marriage, Relationship, Business, Wealth and Health. Have you ever wondered why we face obstacles in life?

This question as to why we go through sufferings and obstacles had also intrigued Chandrashekhar Guruji, when he had to witness the pain and agony of cancer patients as well as some bitter life experiences at a personal level. While he was searching for an answer to this question, he began to get repeated dreams of a compass and house layout. Finally, a divine awakening enlightened him that the root causes of the obstacles and sufferings are the blocks and imbalances in the flow of cosmic energy within and around us.


Moreover, he realized that Manava Abhivruddhi is the core to all human development and enhancing human consciousness, for which some fundamental life principles need to be followed.

Guruji, was thus prompted to lay down a simple path for moving from body consciousness to soul consciousness by harnessing the power of cosmic energy, practising fundamental life principles and witnessing our Manava Abhivruddhi. This led to the birth of Saral Energy, a unique and simply way to remove obstacles from our lives by unblocking Cosmic Energy within and around us. The uniqueness of Saral Energy for harnessing the Cosmic Energy lies in its three-pronged methodology of Connecting with it through Directions, Balancing it with Structure and Channelizing it through Chakras. This can be supplemented with the practice of easy to adopt Saral Sutras (SS) of being Truthful; Respectful, Grateful, Helpful and Blissful, the fundamental life principles defined by Guruji for enhancing our consciousness and leading a happy and blissful life.

By adopting SE and SS in our life we can find a simple way to come to our true form or Satya Swarup or Saral Satya Swarup. In this way by following the simple path shown by Guruji we can move from our Body Consciousness to Soul Consciousness.


Simple Path to move from Body Consciousness to Soul Consciousness!

So, connect with Guruji wholeheartedly, follow his simple path and receive the direction for moving from body consciousness to soul consciousness.

"If you go through any challenges or setbacks in life, the reason is not you nor anyone, but the energy within you and your surroundings."
- Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji

"I am having frequent quarrels with my wife since past couple of years and we are not in good terms. I have made lot of efforts to save our relationship but of no use," says Mr Yogendra from Bangalore, seeking a solution to his problem. He has been to counsellors and even fortune tellers but nothing has worked for him. Why do such obstacles like the ones Mr Yogendra is facing come in our life? How can we overcome them and get happiness and bliss in our life?


Ups and downs are a part and parcel of our life and they may be relevant to different stages of life be it Education, Career, Marriage, Relationships, Business, Wealth and Health.

Intrigued by the above question, Guruji had been in search of knowing the root causes of life challenges faced by people. A divine awakening made him realize the root cause of obstacles in life is due to the hindrances faced by us in harnessing the abundant cosmic energy in the universe and hence our not being to enhance our consciousness and realize our True Form or Satya Swarup.

This led to the birth of Saral Energy (SE), a simple and unique way to harness the power of cosmic energy and attract the abundance in the universe. Guruji also defined Saral Sutras (SS) of being truthful, respectful, grateful, helpful and blissful, the core virtues to enhance human consciousness. This 'Saral Path' shown by Guruji guides us for our Manava Abhivruddhi or our human development towards becoming a better human being.

By adopting SE and SS, we can come to our Saral Satya Swarup (SSS). In this way we can create the causes to get the desired effects in our life, be it any stage, education, career, marriage & relationship, wealth and health.


Connect with Guruji wholeheartedly, Follow his simple path and Receive 'Whatever you want in your life!'