Stress and depression have become very common in today's fast-paced world. Feeling low or depressed is something we all go through at some point of time. However, when such a feeling is prolonged and impacts an individual's day to day life, he starts suffering from depression.

In the medical world, depression is considered to be a result of chemical imbalances in the brain that causes mood swings and depressive tendencies in an individual. As a consequence, one develops a pessimistic outlook towards life.

A depressed individual may not be able to enjoy a normal and healthy life. His ability to make decisions, self-esteem, ability to relax and enjoy life may be impacted.


Depression can become really worse if ignored. It will keep progressing and developing if nothing is done. A patient may seem moody in the initial days which can end in death with too much mental and physical exhaustion.

The root cause of depression is due to hindrances in cosmic energy flow within you and your surroundings. Any imbalance in flow of cosmic energy, through your Mooladhara or Sahasrara chakra leads to symptoms of depression. It is vital to have the cosmic energy channelized properly through all your chakras, especially Mooladhara and Sahasrara to help overcome depression.

Saral Energy is a unique simple path to connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy within you and your surroundings. You need to implement it once, without the need of daily practice. You shall be able to experience relief from depression after adopting Saral Energy within 7 to 180 days.

Don't forget, your health is in your own hands!

With changing lifestyles and food habits, illness like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity are increasing day by day and have become a grave cause of concern.

Mr. Ramesh a resident of Delhi, has been facing problems of Low Blood Pressure over the last 5 years. He has consulted many doctors but was unable to bring his blood pressure to the normal range. He has been on continuous medication and this is making him feel depressed. During his visit to the doctor he asked, "How can I know if my blood pressure is fine? Shall I keep checking it daily ? " To this the doctor told him that if the blood pressure falls anywhere below 90/60 mmHg then it is a case of low BP, which in medical terms is known as Hypotension.

Low blood pressure is quite common among many people but it becomes a cause for concern if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pain, cramps in the muscle, light-headedness, fainting, dizziness, nausea or blurred vision.

However, the good news is that your body can recover from it on its own. Saral Energy addresses the root cause of your health issue that is related to obstruction in the flow of cosmic energy in specific areas within your body and surroundings. When there is a smooth flow of cosmic energy around us and our surroundings, a person can lead a healthy and prosperous life. Saral Energy helps you balance the energy flow within and around you enabling you to recover on your own from such health disorders like Low Blood Pressure. You can experience relief from Low Blood Pressure within a span of 7 to 180 days without any intervention of medicine or diet. So, adopt Saral Energy for Health and experience your body's inherent capacity to recover on its own.

We all are a part of the boundless universe that comprises of not only our planet Earth, Sun, Moon, but billions and billions of other stars and heavenly bodies. There are pre-existing laws of nature that govern the perfect order of the universe and all forms of creation, be it living or non-living. All natural creations that are not man-made can be called as the elements of nature or universe, right from the smallest of organisms to the gigantic heavenly bodies like the Sun or other giant stars.

All these elements of nature have an interconnectedness irrespective of their masses and dimensions. The cosmic energy in the universe allows this connectivity among them. The free flow of this cosmic energy across the universe helps in the sustenance of all creations. Any kind of imbalance or obstruction in the free flow of cosmic energy anywhere will cause disturbance in the universal order or natural functioning.

Likewise, our existence and well-being on our planet is impacted by imbalance or obstruction in the cosmic energy in our surroundings or dwellings. So, now the question that arises is what causes the imbalances in the cosmic energy flow.

The cosmic energy is available in abundance in this universe. We can tune into this energy and get connected through directions. It is very similar to getting tuned to a radio station.

There is continuous flow of cosmic energy everywhere including our house and workplace where we spend most of our time. It is vital to remain connected to this energy as there are places and objects in our dwellings, which can create imbalance in the energy. By balancing the energy in our dwellings we can ensure unobstructed flow of cosmic energy.

Our body continuously absorbs and channelizes this cosmic energy through 7 chakras which ensures physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

It is imperative to realize that if we are not in harmony with the cosmic energy, within us and our surroundings, it will lead to an imbalanced body, which will in turn manifest in the form of different health problems in our lives.