Life is not easy in today’s fast-paced world. We are moving more and more away from nature and the universal order. Global environment is degrading day by day, leading to consequences like global warming and other environmental hazards. Not only this, the rapid pace in technological advancements is posing serious health hazards to the people. Sedentary life and high levels of stress is causing lifestyle diseases. The modern living spaces are not in harmony with nature and also giving rise to many human problems.

This state of the present human life is also creating hindrances in the flow of cosmic energy within and around us. Cosmic energy is the universal life force, which keeps the entire universe alive and is available in abundance. This energy is needed not only for sustainability of the human race, but also for our happiness and success.


Due to the present-day living conditions, we are not well tuned into this universal life force. As a result, we face obstacles in accomplishing whatever we want.

We all go through some or other obstacles across different life stages from childhood to old age. These stages normally are that of Education, Career, Marriage & Relationships, Business, Wealth and Health. The absence of adequate cosmic energy within and around us creates obstacles in these life stages.

In this hopeless scenario, the universe chose a few evolved souls to guide people on harnessing the natural energies bestowed in abundance by the universe. A divine awakening had struck me a couple of decades ago, while I was working as a civil contractor. This divine awakening came to me through repeated dreams of showing me a compass and a house plan. I was led to be revealed a simple path of harnessing the cosmic energy to lead a happy and blissful life.

This led me to research in depth on methods adopted by our ancestors, which helped them to get tuned to the cosmic energy and lead a blissful life. Saral Energy is a path for all of us to get tuned with the cosmic energy and harness its powers in a very simple way. I named this path as Saral Energy, as 'Saral' means 'Simple'. This simple path of Saral Energy, enables one to connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structures and channelize it through chakras. Millions of lives have adopted Saral Energy and their lives have been transformed.

You can Get Whatever You Want by following the unique and simple Saral Energy.

Stress and depression have become very common in today's fast-paced world. Feeling low or depressed is something we all go through at some point of time. However, when such a feeling is prolonged and impacts an individual's day to day life, he starts suffering from depression.

In the medical world, depression is considered to be a result of chemical imbalances in the brain that causes mood swings and depressive tendencies in an individual. As a consequence, one develops a pessimistic outlook towards life.

A depressed individual may not be able to enjoy a normal and healthy life. His ability to make decisions, self-esteem, ability to relax and enjoy life may be impacted.


Depression can become really worse if ignored. It will keep progressing and developing if nothing is done. A patient may seem moody in the initial days which can end in death with too much mental and physical exhaustion.

The root cause of depression is due to hindrances in cosmic energy flow within you and your surroundings. Any imbalance in flow of cosmic energy, through your Mooladhara or Sahasrara chakra leads to symptoms of depression. It is vital to have the cosmic energy channelized properly through all your chakras, especially Mooladhara and Sahasrara to help overcome depression.

Saral Energy is a unique simple path to connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy within you and your surroundings. You need to implement it once, without the need of daily practice. You shall be able to experience relief from depression after adopting Saral Energy within 7 to 180 days.

Don't forget, your health is in your own hands!

With changing lifestyles and food habits, illness like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity are increasing day by day and have become a grave cause of concern.

Mr. Ramesh a resident of Delhi, has been facing problems of Low Blood Pressure over the last 5 years. He has consulted many doctors but was unable to bring his blood pressure to the normal range. He has been on continuous medication and this is making him feel depressed. During his visit to the doctor he asked, "How can I know if my blood pressure is fine? Shall I keep checking it daily ? " To this the doctor told him that if the blood pressure falls anywhere below 90/60 mmHg then it is a case of low BP, which in medical terms is known as Hypotension.

Low blood pressure is quite common among many people but it becomes a cause for concern if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as numbness, tingling, pain, cramps in the muscle, light-headedness, fainting, dizziness, nausea or blurred vision.

However, the good news is that your body can recover from it on its own. Saral Energy addresses the root cause of your health issue that is related to obstruction in the flow of cosmic energy in specific areas within your body and surroundings. When there is a smooth flow of cosmic energy around us and our surroundings, a person can lead a healthy and prosperous life. Saral Energy helps you balance the energy flow within and around you enabling you to recover on your own from such health disorders like Low Blood Pressure. You can experience relief from Low Blood Pressure within a span of 7 to 180 days without any intervention of medicine or diet. So, adopt Saral Energy for Health and experience your body's inherent capacity to recover on its own.

We all are a part of the boundless universe that comprises of not only our planet Earth, Sun, Moon, but billions and billions of other stars and heavenly bodies. There are pre-existing laws of nature that govern the perfect order of the universe and all forms of creation, be it living or non-living. All natural creations that are not man-made can be called as the elements of nature or universe, right from the smallest of organisms to the gigantic heavenly bodies like the Sun or other giant stars.

All these elements of nature have an interconnectedness irrespective of their masses and dimensions. The cosmic energy in the universe allows this connectivity among them. The free flow of this cosmic energy across the universe helps in the sustenance of all creations. Any kind of imbalance or obstruction in the free flow of cosmic energy anywhere will cause disturbance in the universal order or natural functioning.

Likewise, our existence and well-being on our planet is impacted by imbalance or obstruction in the cosmic energy in our surroundings or dwellings. So, now the question that arises is what causes the imbalances in the cosmic energy flow.

The cosmic energy is available in abundance in this universe. We can tune into this energy and get connected through directions. It is very similar to getting tuned to a radio station.

There is continuous flow of cosmic energy everywhere including our house and workplace where we spend most of our time. It is vital to remain connected to this energy as there are places and objects in our dwellings, which can create imbalance in the energy. By balancing the energy in our dwellings we can ensure unobstructed flow of cosmic energy.

Our body continuously absorbs and channelizes this cosmic energy through 7 chakras which ensures physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

It is imperative to realize that if we are not in harmony with the cosmic energy, within us and our surroundings, it will lead to an imbalanced body, which will in turn manifest in the form of different health problems in our lives.

Indiscriminate expenditure and inflated credit card bills have put Srichand Misra, a small businessman, into a debt trap. Despite his sincere efforts he is incapable of paying off his debts. As a result the amount of his debt keeps increasing and his interest keeps rising. Not only this, he has exhausted the maximum limit granted to him for his credit cards, overdue EMIs on property loans and even the onus of repaying the huge amount of money borrowed by him from his friends. Srichand is very well aware he is in serious trouble, and unable to find a way out of this debt trap.

Being a debt trap, makes us financially crippled and even impacts our creditworthiness. We are unable to focus on financial planning and our financial stability is hampered. Srichand is doing introspection about the financial blunders he had made and got him into this situation.

However, the root-causes of his getting into the debt trap was beyond his intellectual and judgemental blunders.

Since, we all are a part of this universe, we need to be continually tuned into the universal life force or cosmic energy for ensuring our well-being and blissfulness in all aspects of life. When we are not tuned into this cosmic energy, we start facing obstacles in different phase of life be it education, career, marriage, wealth or health. Srichand got entangled into this debt trap as he was facing some blocks in the cosmic energy flow within and around him.

Saral Energy shows a simple way to connect with the cosmic energy through directions, balance it with structures and channelize it through chakras. By adopting Saral Energy for Wealth and implementing it just once, one can experience a positive change in one's financial condition within 7 to 180 days and stay tuned with the cosmic energy for ever. So, adopt Saral Energy for wealth and save yourself from getting into a debt trap.

Financial stability and wealth creation is a pre-requisite to make your mark in the world today. We all need money for our livelihood and maintaining a good standard of living. Right from the underprivileged section of our society to the affluent class of people, a need for financial stability and wealth creation is felt for satisfying our needs and fulfilling wishes.

Some of us are employed and doing a job, while some of us have our own establishments and are self-employed. However, some of us do not enjoy a steady cash flow or income or face hindrances in our regular income or earnings. Unforeseen circumstances and adversities take us by surprise, causing us to incur huge expenses and losses that poses a threat on our financial stability.

Shreenath Soni, a shopkeeper in Nashik, went through a period of financial instability, during off season when his sales turnover abnormally declined and he was below his break-even level. Was this unforeseen situation a matter of luck or a bad patch for his business?

As many of us may be aware, we are all interconnected to one another being a part of this universe. There is a unifying life force that keeps the whole universe alive and this life force is known as cosmic energy. When we are unable to tune into this cosmic energy, we face obstacles in our life. Hence financial instability faced by Shreesanth Soni is due to blocks in the flow of cosmic energy within and around him.

Saral Energy for Wealth shows a simple way to remove these cosmic energy blocks from your life and open the doors to attracting abundance and prosperity from the universe. With Saral Energy you can connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it with structures and channelize it through chakras. By adopting Saral Energy for Wealth you can begin to experience improvement in your financial condition within 7 to 180 and be enabled to stay tuned with the cosmic energy for ever.

Wealth creation is something we all look forward to accomplishing in our lives. Keeping this in mind we invest our hard earned money on options that may yield high returns on investments. However, sometimes when our star is not in the ascendant, we may lose our invested money or our investment may not yield us the desired returns.

Harshad Patel, a big time investor, lost a considerable sum from his corpus investing into stocks that eventually were not performing well. Due to global economic slowdown and weak sentiments the stocks he had invested in witnessed its all-time low, causing the value of his holdings to fall down by nearly 40%.

Can anyone predict such a loss beforehand? Was this investment loss a blunder on the part of Harshad or was it due to his ill-fate?

Well, the answer is it was a result of his not being in tune with the cosmic energy of the universe. The whole universe survives on a unifying life force known as the cosmic energy, in the absence of which we will not flourish in various life stages and face obstacles. One of the main causes of one's not being in tune with the cosmic energy is the fast-paced, technology-driven lifestyle and modern living spaces. Modern living dissuades us from living in harmony with nature and universal order leading to all kinds of problems and challenges in life.

Harshad's investment loss can be attributed not to his misjudgement about investing in the right options, but metaphysical factors like obstruction in the free flow of cosmic energy within and around him. Saral Energy shows a simple way to connect with the cosmic energy through directions, balance it with structures and channelize it through chakras. It allows you to be for ever tuned in with the cosmic energy, by adopting and implementing its technique just once.

So, if you are looking to attract a good return on your investment adopt Saral Energy for Wealth and open the door to attracting abundance in your life within a span of 7 to 180 days.

Failure is a part and parcel of our life and while running a business enterprise, one may have to go through it at some point of time. A business venture involves risks and uncertainty and there is no clear and definite path to achieving success. Many successful entrepreneurs have learnt the hard way from their mistakes and failures.

Is your business going through a rough patch? Following are some signs your business is not doing well:

Fall in sales : If the sales or turnover of your business is dropping it may imply your firm is going through a bad patch and is at the risk of failing. There could be multiple reasons responsible for it like decrease in demand, change in tastes and preferences of customers etc.

Complaints from clients/customers :
If your clients express dissatisfaction with regard to products and services offered by your organization on a regular basis. It's a warning signal your business is not doing well. It will soon lead to a decline in the number of customers and subsequently the company losing a lot of business.

Cash crunch :
There are certain times of the year when the cash flow drops and one of the reasons could be unrealized proceeds of the sold products and services. However, a cash deficit that occurs when expenditure of the company exceeds that of its earnings, and this goes on regularly, there could be serious issue with the business.

Losing customers :
The profitability of one's business relies much on the loyalty and patronage of its customers. However, if the loyal customers that may be few in number start to go away, the major portion of the company's revenue may get threatened. It's a sign the business is not doing well.

If your business is going through any of the above signs, it may be on the verge of a failure. However, the above signs of business failure may not always be due to strategic blunders or wrong decisions on your part.

The above situation may also arise as a result of imbalanced cosmic energy in your office premises. This particularly happens when the main door is not in a direction that enables you to connect with the cosmic energy of the universe. Moreover, placement of furniture and direction in which you and your staff sit, may also be obstructing the smooth flow of energy in your office. With a balanced energy flow within you and your surroundings, you will be able to experience a significant improvement in your business situation.

Saral Energy for Business helps to connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy flow within you and your surroundings and experience positive changes in your business within 7 to 180 days.

Business Partnership is a type of business, where two or more people are legally committed to carry on a business together on a profit sharing basis. An amicable relationship amongst the partners is needed as they are required to work together for accomplishment of business goals. The decision of taking someone as a partner in your business is a very crucial one, which requires careful consideration. A business partnership can lead to serious complications legally and financially, when conflicts or clashes occur amongst partners. Hence, one should share same wavelengths with your business partners.

Some of the key factors which can help to have a successful business partnership are:

Clear communication : One of the main reasons why your business may suffer is due to miscommunication with your business partner. It is necessary to clearly specify your expectations to your business partner on how you want things to be. For instance, how the responsibilities will be divided among the partners, what would be the profit sharing ratio and so on.

Legal aspects : Even if you are the most optimistic individual, you should be realistic about your business. Know from a business lawyer about the exit formalities to avoid putting yourself in a muddle when you decide to quit the business. This way you can also save yourself from hitches such as an unforeseen exit of your business partner and maintain a cordial relationship with the person.

Avoid ego clashes : Ego clashes with your business partner can be really destructive for your business and will ultimately impact the business revenue. For instance, You may not really consult the other partner(s) while making a crucial business decision even when you need to just because there is tension brewing between you. It is always good to have another person's perspective to any situation.

But what if despite putting all the efforts, you are still having differences with your business partner? What can be the reason behind this? Most of us are not aware about the effect of cosmic energy around us. When there is an imbalance of energy within us and our surroundings, it can have a negative impact on our life. This imbalance can be due to several factors such as unsuitable directions or cosmic energy blocks. So, if your office space is constructed in such a way that it is not in tune with the cosmic energy then it can affect your business and you may face problems like clashes with your partner, financial difficulties and so on. Saral Energy for Business analyses the root cause of problems faced by you in your office and allows you to tune in to the cosmic energy in a simple way by connecting with directions, balancing with structures and channelizing through Chakras. So, if you are looking for a simple and easy way to have a harmonious business partnership adopt Saral Energy for Business!

In the age of increasing competition, tight deadlines and mounting work pressure, most of us find it a challenge to maintain an effective work-life balance. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious in everyday activities at the workplace has become so common these days. Although stress is a part and parcel of our modern life, but when it becomes excessive and ongoing, it can become a matter of concern. If your office staff is experiencing any or some of the following complaints, it implies they are undergoing tremendous stress

  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Frequent tiredness
  • Social withdrawal
  • Irritability
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Inefficiency
  • Reduced appetite
  • Frequent absenteeism
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Headache & dizziness

If you hear about the aforementioned complaints from your office staff, it's quite possible that your office environment may not be having a healthy and harmonious environment. The above stress related signs may be an aftermath of the following problems faced by your staff:-

  • Lack of work satisfaction
  • Disputes among staff members
  • Ego issues
  • Favouritism & partial behaviour
  • Envy and rivalry among staff members
  • Bullying

The above could be a result of imbalanced energy flux in the office environment.

When there is no free flow of cosmic energy in the office premises, it can create a pessimistic atmosphere, leading to clashes between the workforces, health issues among employees and other problems. Saral Energy for Business helps you understand the extent to which the energy flow at workplace is being obstructed due to directional and structural factors. Saral Energy helps to tune into the cosmic energy by connecting with Direction, balancing it through Structure, channelizing it through the Chakras thereby creating a healthy work environment.

This can create a positive environment in the workplace and bring improvement in all aspects such as employee productivity, health and the overall performance of the employees.

Employees are the backbone of every business and the success of a company depends on the performance of its employees. So, by following the simple way of Saral Energy you will be able to eliminate stress among your staff and have a productive work environment.